Unique Mobs
  Although unique or special mobs comes in many flavours, there are several that doesnt belong to any quest or dungeon, or have any appearant connections anywhere. This is the section for them, the outdoor unique mobs. Bring your familiy out camping for the weekend.      
Torrith the Ancient
Last updated 26.04.04
Who's got the deadliest sting in GTC? This scorpiod is just waiting to pinch adventurers in their behinds.
R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit
Last updated 13.07.03
Rollerrats beware! This is the nemesis of vermin in Brainy Ant Woods. That is if it was online for more than 5 seconds a day.
Professor Van Horn
Last updated 10.07.03
The Professor has been around for a long time now trying to teach the Rhinomen how to read and write. And bash. Really hard.
Frank Kaehler
Last updated 07.07.03
Guarding the Barracks region in Omni-Forest, Colonel Frank Kaehler has a cold reception for any clanners passing by.
The Escaped Gargantula
Last updated 07.07.03
Mutations gone astray as this huge Gargantula escaped from the Galway Zoo into the wilderness nearby.
Elian Sudwaza
Last updated 22.04.03
Dreams of death and being killed over and over, this wierd fellow comes back to life wearing his jammies.

Daria Marie Walzer
Last updated 10.07.03
In Lush Fields, Marie Walzer is looking for a member of her old organization while trying to fend off clans and omni alike.
Kelly Frederickson
Last updated 02.07.03
Buffed, Beautiful and Bitchin'! Thats Kelly Frederickson in a nutshell. This redheaded clan has the looks that will kill you.
Marcus Robicheaux
Last updated 14.04.03
Dressed for success, out in the middle of nowhere. A former soldier, Marcus is a poet but didn't know it.
Mick 'Nugget' McMullet
Last updated 22.12.02
Sought after by all the nanomages of Rubi-Ka, Nugget will take their lunch money and ask for more.
The Iron Reet
Last updated 22.12.02
This miniature Juggernaught must have something inside - we suspect Polly but you never know.
The Little Ones
Last updated 10.10.02
The first of the unique named mobs to ever hit the game, these cute little fellows will sure 0wnz j00 - all 10 of them.