Unique Mobs: The Little Ones
  The first of the unique named mobs to ever hit the game, these little fellows were reported attacking innocent bypassers quite ferociously after a patch back in the day. They have guts, they are cute, and we love them!      
  These mobs are all around level 10-20 and strangely enough quite courageous. Doesn't matter if you just started out, or if you just hit the level cap, these angry little creatures will go for your throat no matter what. Which makes them utterly adorable. =)

Keep in mind that they follow the normal unique boss scheme in that they have superior hit points compared to a similar general mob of their level, and usually hit harder and faster. That said, if you are around level 1-25 and think about hunting these down, be careful.

They also all drop one unique item each with a few bonuses, so hunting them down could be a quest in it's own.

These uniques are of special quality level, but still vary a little from time to time. It is uncertain if the quality of the items drop are based on player level, or simply just random. Except a few items mentioned below that seems to have a constant level and bonuses, keep in mind that the actual values listen here on these items and the requirements may vary a little for the items you actually find.

On the location and spawn, they all scuttle around quite a bit but seem to be contained to the area they spawn in - they are not that hard to find when you know where to look, it just involves searching a bit closer than for stationary mobs. Spawn time is a little strange, as it seems when you encounter and kill one, another immediately spawns in the vicinity, but if you kill the second one, you have to wait for about an hour before they appear again. If you happen to encounter one of these and bring it down, but can't seem to find the second that is supposed to spawn, you might have encountered it far from it's orginal spawn and have to look around a bit. Where coords are listed, these might give you a location from where to start looking. Where areas are listed, they are not entirely accurate and the critters may traverse into a nearby area.

On to the show, starting in the southern Omni-Tek controlled areas and moving north to the Clan areas (none in Neutral areas, sorry), the classic little ones:

Joo, the Leet
Joo is a curious little fellow that hangs around the static dungeon Steps of Madness and will attack on sight to anyone who dares enter his domain. He might wander off a bit to the west and southwards, but always keep to the area. Don't let him give you any lip.

Zone: Omni Forest Area: Sunken Swamps
  White Sack
Joo drops this little item - always with the same stats it seems - a white hood you
can put on your head that gives you +5 to Bio Metamor and +10 to Melee/MA AC. Requirements to wear is 21 in Psychic

Polly, the Reet
Polly is also found in Omni Forrest. Head down to the Omni-Barracks area south of the gate, then travel south southwest until you can see a swamp area on your right. Following the ridge of this swamp up and down should get you an angry cracker-head on your tail shortly.

Zone: Omni Forest Area: Swamp River Delta / Northern Drylands
  Support Wire
This nifty little item goes in your LeftShoulder slot and adds to your Heavy Weapons skill. Although the item is special, it seems to vary in quality. The highest we have found gave +4 to HW and required 17 Agility to wear.

Oscar, the Reet
Oscar has beat his cracker addiction, but that involved escaping his enviroment and friends and relocating to a remote area. He retains his hostile behaviour though. Found in Greater Omni Forrest, just east/north-east of the mountainous region of the Omni Barracks area.

Zone: Greater Omni Forest
  Metallic Hoop
This is a circlet that goes in your head slot, and is the highest quality item of these we've found so far. For this quality, the hoop boosts your Bow skill +5 and your Bow Special Attack by +15. Requirements was 65 Agility.

Stumpy, the Leet
Stumpy is the famed bronto hunter of all time and on the wanted list of native animal-rights groups for threatening the populace of albino baby brontos. Found in Greater Omni Forrest, generally to the east in the zone, but can move as far up as the road, or south to the shore.

2000 x 1300 Zone: Greater Omni Forest
  Blue Baby Bronto Boots
This pair of boots is also a static item that doesn't change - the boots require 101 Strength to wear and adds 15 to Brawl, and 50 to both Melee and Projectile AC.

Ownz, the Leet
Ownz is a strange and fun leet indeed, seemingly the only albino leet on the planet, his anger probably comes from the horrid experiments conducted on him. Ownz can be found lurking a bit outside the West or South Gates of Tir.

2200 x 700 Zone: Tir County Area: Crownhead Forrest
  Capsule of Thin Blood
This capsule can be taped to your forearm (right or left wrist slot) and boosts your Body Development by 2. You can also wear two of these. Requirements to wear
is 13 Psychic for this version.

Morty, the Leet
Morty is a rebel Leet, doing rebel stuff, and attacks pesky Omni employees on sight. Or just anyone. Located in Tir County, all the way west near the road and border to Warmint Woods, and south a ways past the road into a sandy area.

300 x 1200 Zone: Tir County Area: Kuroshio Forest
Morty uses a whistle to alert other rebels, and this right-shoulder item will give you
a neat little +1 to Reflect Fire AC for those hot situations. The item could possibly
go to +2 also. Requirements for this level is 37 Intelligence.

Cuty, the Reet
An aggressive little Reet that also takes residence in Tir County. Head out the western gates of Tir and travel west-southwest a bit to a large crater, close to a lava crevice- There's a large cave on a rocky hill south again, and Cuty is usally flying around west of that hill.

1500 x 600 Zone: Tir County Area: Crater Farm Region
  Candy Cord
For a low level pistol user, these cords can be heaven-sent. Actually rings so you
can wear 2 at a time, they boost you +3 Fling Shot, +3 Pistol and adds 2 to your
Proj. Damage. Requirements for this version was 25 Sense.

Ding, the Leet
Ding is probably in league with Morty, as he's dealing in counterfeit Omni-Tek items.

2900 x 1100 Zone: Tir County Area:Inquisitive Wasp
  Counterfeit Omni Epaulet
An epaulet is a visual representation of status. Left-shoulder item, that adds to Psychology and Tutoring, requiring Intelligence to wear. Clan-only. Our version
added 7 to the stats, and required 27 Intelligence to wear.

George, the Reet
George is the last of the little ones, an angry Reet flying around the Cyborg Barracks in Greater Tir County.

3200 x 2300 Zone: Greater Tir County
  Standard Medical Epaulet
A very nifty little item for doctors - goes in your right-shoulder slot. Varies in level, but one requiring 35 Electrical Engineering to wear gave +6 to both Treatment and First Aid. Doctor-only.

Powa, the Leet
How could we have missed this little bugger? Maybe because he's sooo small. Powa the leet hangs out in Greater Tir County but is one of the very sporty leets like Stumpy and moves around a lot.

800 x 2400 Zone: Greater Tir County
  Starched Armbands
Goes in either right or left-arm slot, so you can wear two at the same time. This item also seems to be constant, requiring 181 Psychology to wear and adds 16 to Body Development and 120 to Chemical AC.

Unique Mobs:

Last updated 23. September 2002

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