Unique Mobs: R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit
  Its a tick! Its a Vacuum cleaner! No - Its .. its.. something completely different! The Vermin Disposal Unit does his best to clear Brainy Ant Woods of vermin. However, the task is hard to accomplish, especially since everyone wants to pick him apart and find out how he works.      

In Brainy Ant Woods at 800 x 1800, you might run into this huge mechanical monstrosity, the Vermin Unit, the mother of all Brontocatchers and Wastedisposals and the bane of all thats deemed vermin to it. The VDU has a habit of going offline for stretches of 18 hours though, probably due to a heavyduty repair schedule involving mechanics scream about the guntoting loons using the Unit for target practice. There are reasons though as you will see later on.

If you decide to go up against the VDU, you ought to know that it is a beast compared to its level (130) and also has the ability to cast blinds and dots like Biotoxin Cloud, so be prepared for that. He might not be the toughest customer around compared to The Escaped Gargantula or Nuggets, but he's still nasty, so be careful before charging head first into a duel with him.

If you take him down there are two things that he might drop, depending on what the mechanics stacked him with this time around...

  Rat Catcher Goggles
Specialised goggles, created for use on vermin disposal robots, but they can be used by human breeds too.

The Rat-catcher goggles adds to your sense and perception skils, and requires some computer literacy to wear. Unfortunately they also change your vision type to EverGreen(tm) and thusly can be a bit annoying that way.

  Disposal Unit Electrical Toolset
This nano-toolset is used by the vermin disposal robot to disassemble electrical components on items the robot is supposed to eliminate.

This tool is interesting in many ways, especially if you're a trader or an engineer, since its one of the basis you will need for making the Engineering Gun. Thankfully enough its not a nodrop item and as such can be given away to your friendly neighbourhood engineer. Better stay back, engineers has a tendency to explode in joy if they get this one, causing an AOE effect of 4000 Iloveyou Damage.

Last updated 22. December 2002

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