Unique Mobs: The Escaped Gargantula
  He's big. He's mean. He's blind as a bat - and its not Daredevil! The Escaped Gargantula has a sad story behind it indeed - which doesnt stop people from killing it over and over again mind you. And from one aspect, who can blame them? Spiders - yuck.      

The Gargantula has a sad story behind him, being tormented by scientists he's run away and is now stationing himself in the wilds of Galway County at 2150 x 1150. He wont attack you as you get close, mostly due to the fact he'll have no idea about you being there.

If you do attack him however, you should know that even though he might be blind, he's no pushover. He will hit very hard for his level with fangs dripping of poison and he has a lot of health, and with that - expect some resistance at least. He will hit you against your Poison AC and also place a venomous poison in your NCU if he gets the chance, so you should be aware of that you should only try to take him on if you have reliable heals and tanks. You wont need a full team of level 200 people - but he will be a challenge if you are around level 130.

When the Escaped Gargantula finally keels over, you might want to nab his collar if you are an agent, since it adds a moderate amount to Sense, Sense-Imp and Perception skills. The quality level of the collar is varied, even though it will say its special - and at the most we've seen so far, has added a nice 20-30ish bonus to the skills mentioned.

  Gift of the Old Gargantula
The father of all the Gargantulas in the Galway Zoo was a popular attraction. When he grew old, he became a bit dull. Scientists found out this was because his eyesight had become bad. As an aid, they made this special collar for him, and all his offspring too.

If you are an arachnophobe like me - this is not one of your favourite mobs. In fact, the photos here were taken with a camera equipped with extremely long range, the latest in zooming technologies and just to be extra safe, it was taken from another zone. On Die Neue Welt. Just to make sure. I don't like him, no siree.

Last updated 07. July 2003

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