Unique Mobs: Mick 'Nugget' McMullet
  There's something about Nugget .. Mick 'Nugget' McMullet, an atrox not known for who he is, but what he carries. Which is just as well, cause there's precious little known about the feller. Lets go over what we have for the many that have never seen him though.      
  McMullet - Nugget to his friends, but he doesn't have any - is an atrox with a heavy burden to bear. One might argue that atroxes are ideal for the very purpose, and McMullet certainly looks the part decked out in a stylish black suit and carrying a gun the size of a bald nanomage.

His burden is an unlikely one - a pair of plain black sunglasses. At first glance they appear innocent, but upon closer inspection one understands why McMullet is fighting an awkward battle against the nanomages of the world.

Now that you've stopped snickering about the poor nanomages getting beat up again, I'll have you know that even a damp tissue can be dangerous in skilled hands. And we have friends, atrox friends. Oh alright, a friend. Well, would you believe I have an atrox neighbour? So he steals my lunch money, that's beside the point!

Left to his own devices, McMullet would spend his time prospecting just north of the notum cannons in Clondyke, at roughly 1100 x 3700. He doesn't mind onlookers until they start peppering him with small arms fire. At that time you'll wish you had brought more friends along, as he can both take and give a punch better than his level 165 rating suggests. As is, he is only present every 18 hours for a brief moment though.

  Shades of Lucubration
Special Import sunglasses.

The Shades of Lucubration are nanomage-only and obviously worn in the head slot. They are one of the few nanomage advantages, giving a nice 30 intelligence and psychic bonus and being very easy to equip.

  Energized Carbonan Oven Mittens
These are produced for use in the melting industries.

The Energized Carbonan Oven Mittens can be used by anyone, though you're not likely to hit the agility requirement until higher levels. They give very slight protection against fire and thanks to you poor McMullet will burn his hands making food tonight.

Last updated 22. December 2002

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