Geography: Landmarks - Exotic & Interesting places
  Rubi-Ka is more than just whacking the occasional leet and doing endless tasks in some dreaded underground complex all day. Join us as we point you in the direction of things and features you would damn yourself in the afterlife for not taking the time to see.      
Notum Cannons
1200 x 3400, Clondyke

These cannons fire at regular intervals - ever wondered why the ground shakes so much? These giant masterworks of technology might very well be the cause of it all.

These huge cannons, three of them, positioned in Clondyke shoot the day's load of Notum up to the waiting cargo-ships in orbit.

It is also the most popular terrorist target in the whole of Rubi-Ka as several attempts at destroying them have been made. Judging from their looks none have been particularly successful, but that's a whole another story.

We tried to climb inside the control room of one to practice our heavy weapons skill on some nearby Lambast Mamba, but we were quickly directed to the exit by some very annoyed engineers, who went on an on about the cannons "not being toys and us not having security clearance". We were quite disappointed by this, Mamba-shooting being a popular passtime where we come from.

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