Unique Mobs: Elian Zuwadza
  This odd gentleman is clearly out of his mind - or did someone turn him that way? Who knows. Elian makes a brief appearance on Rubi-Ka every 18 hours at which point his demise is met over and over, according to his whacked story too.      

Actually striking up a conversation with Elian when he's calm and approachable - and not outright kill anyone on sight wearing pajamas panties out in the wild, can yield quite the interestings story - with a twist, too. It seems Elian is quite aware of his demise, and he knows he's getting killed over and over again. Something he's not too pleased about we might add. The conversation with Elian has a lot to say about both immortality and the hidden and metaphysical aspects of life on Rubi-Ka. Certain phrases will stick in your mind like the "Freaks and Mirrors" phrase he uses. If you ever DO get a chance to actually talk to him, you should - he's definitely one of the most interesting NPC's out there.

Being a spiritual man, the afterlife and the unnatural "coming back" disturbs Elian greatly, and he will profess to believing there are greater, and darker powers at work in the universe - like the Omega myth and ties with the Omni-Tek corporation.

Of all the unique mobs, Elian is certainly the one with the most backstory to tell - should you be fortunate enough to have a chance to speak to him before the roving hoards trample him back into oblivion. I can understand why, too - Elian delves in metaphysics, or did once upon a time. One of his personal belongs is the famous Blackshirt of Zuwadza, a body armor bestowing great power to any meta-phycisist.

  Blackshirt of Zuwadza
Looking like a regular blackshirt, this garment has a multitude of gizmos fastened to the reverse. No less than 4 unilateral disc computers and 7 strings of entwined two-tone nano lilters, plus NippleComm and also a quantic tripod mounted in the lumbar regions.

The Blackshirt is a highly coveted Meta-Physicist only bodyarmor. Not for it's looks, or even the NippleComm technology, wich would otherwise make any baldy drool - but rather the heavy boost to two of the most prized nanoskills, namely Matter Creation and Time & Space, used for summoning forth demons and other pesky things. Requirements are 474 Computer Literacy for a big +22 boost to both these nanoskills. This armor is suprisingly enough not NODROP, so do your neighbourhood Meta a favour and get him/her equipped in this.

  Stinging Snake Tattoo
It takes much pain to realise what true happiness is.

Rumored to also be in the possession of Elian on a few occasions is this Tattoo - specially made for the nanomage breed, with 331 Matter Creation as a requirement to wear (and breed: Nanomage). This tattoo can be worn on either the right or left arm, or both, and adds a whopping 176 to MaxHealth. That's 352 extra health for two, not bad for an otherwise poor nanomage.

  Flamethrower of Zuwadza
There are several wires taped to the outside of the pipe and there are some kinds of plasteel bags at each side of the compress compartment. The trigger mechanism is bio-tech based and the stock has a number of mysterious knobs or buttons.

For the most part though, Elian will throw you a mockery with his dying breath and the only thing you'll get is this cheap flamethrower. As far as weapons go, it's okayish damage-wise I guess, but with low crits and using 66/33% Assault Rifle and Heavy Weapons, and no specials to boot, any offensive profession would have way better options than this.

Elian is located just outside Rome, at 400 x 1300 in Rome Stretch.

Last updated 22. April 2003

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