Unique Mobs: Daria Marie Walzer
  Pink is her favourite color, Liberty her favourite passion and cracking the skull of anyone opposing her her favourite passtime. Daria Walzer has left her former organization and is now looking for a certain old member. Why? We might never find out.      
At 1780 x 2060 in Lush Fields stands Daria Marie Walzer, a former agent of Liberty For All. She claims to have been here for only two weeks, however we have our doubts, unless time is somewhat slowed for the good lady.

Miss Walzer will disclose to you, if you get enough time to talk to her that is, that she is looking for a man called Alfonzo Baima who might be involved with Liberty For All as well. However, it seems the man is nowhere to be found, or Marie probably would have upped and left a long time ago, especially given the fact that she is under constant attack during her waking hours at the pipe.

Why she's chosen such an odd location to start looking for Alfonzo, god only knows, but the mutants around her sure seem happy enough about her keeping them company.

Daria is on a 18-hour and 20 minutes spawn timer, which makes her one of many unique characters on Rubi-Ka. She is a martial artist by choice and have no special attacks other than the fact that her regenerative powers and damage has been genetically modified and thusly making her a somewhat mean target. Don't let her level 150 mark fool you - she's a hardcase and will take it as well as she can dish it out.

If you get lucky enough to take her down, you might find that the clothing she is wearing are also the ones you can nab. In fact we had to restrain Twicer so he wouldnt take too much of her clothes as he got carried away by the metaphysical spirits of Phat and Lewt.

  Very Very Very Cool Top
A heavy band of Nano Pylons and Self-cleaning KOCR devices are sewn into the waist
of this very, very, very cool Top.

  Very Very Very Hot Pants
A heavy band of Nano Pylons and Self-cleaning KOCR devices are sewn into the waist
of these very, very, very hot pants.

  Kevlar Armbands
Nano brickets are sewn onto these Kevlar Armbands. They contain Nano Mouscouries, special nano bots that create a protective cushion around the user. Both armbands
have embroidery monograms spelling the name DARIA.

The more interesting parts of her clothing are the armbands adding a max of 27 to your parry and Evade skills. Even though they are nice, they are nothing against what everyone really wants from her, namely the Third Eye of Daria.

  Third Eye of Daria
This harmless gadget is attached to your forehead, where it tries to synchronize with your brain and spinal marrow. It influences your physical reactions.

The Third Eye of Daria requires you to have some Computer Literacy to wear it and adds bonuses to your Physical Initiative, Sense Imp and Evade skills. Most definitely a welcome bonusitem for many Martial Artists.

Last updated 10. July 2003

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