Unique Mobs: Colonel Frank Kaehler
  Rather a cold fish, this Omni-Tek colonel as you might have noticed - but a cold fish with a mission. And that mission is to rid Rubi-Ka of clans, no matter what the cost might be. And in trying to do so, Kaehler has died.. many, many many times...      
Colonel Kaehler might not be the friendlist character there is. In fact, he's quite unfriendly - especially if you belong to the clans.

If you still find yourself wanting a.. "chat" with the good man, you can always visit Omni-Forest at the Barracks Region 700 x 2000. If you are at the coordinates and Kaehler isn't here, it most likely means he's recuperating from the last clan raid and wont be available for at least another 18 hours while he gets re-equipped.

Like with the clan-equivalent - Kelly Frederickson - Colonel Kaehler will shoot opposing forcces on sight. And he does tend to hit hard. Very hard. His modified Mendix Biomech AR-2a gun fires radiation slugs at you with eerie precision so if you plan on taking him down to exact some revenge, you might want to have some healing with you. That said, the poor colonel is constantly under attack as soon as he shows his face there - however, thats another story.

If you get lucky enough to pop him before he pops you, you might find some rather nifty items about his body, most notably his sleeves which adds a whopping 36 to Full-auto and Assault rifle skills.

  Kaehler Uniform Sleeves
These sleeves were specially designed for Colonel Kaehler of the southeast OT region.
It is strictly private property. Any other OT employee trying to wear it, will be jailed, fined and lose his or her OT privileges. In severe cases even exiled from the planet.

The sleeves are clan-only, which leads us to believe that somewhere in Rome-Administration there has been a fatal flaw in the distribution of these. Or it can simply be that the Colonel likes to keep trophys from his victims. Noone knows and noone will ever find out either, since talking to the Colonel is nigh impossible.

In addition to the sleeves, he might also drop his gun. Unfortunately, the gun will be nowhere near as powerful when you use it - we suspect the Colonel has some really souped-up Max Rad Damage% implants in him in order to hit the way he does.

  Mendix Biomech AR-2a
Colonel Kaehler always had a special interest in bio-mechanics. He was in close
contact with the old Mendix OT biomech development centres in Rome Green, and willingly tested any of their new designs in the field.

The gun is more of a memento really. And of course - never leave a weapon behind for the enemy.

Last updated 07. July 2003

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