Unique Mobs: Kelly Frederickson
  Patrolling the road to the west of Tir, is Kelly Frederickson. She might not look it but believe me, she's a dead-eye shot with that rifle of hers. Why is it that everytime we meet a looker like that she's after our blood, hmm?      
  If you ever get daring enough to ask this girl out on a date - Kelly likes walks on the beach, music, dogs, romantic evenings at home and shooting the snot out of the occasional Omni-Tek scum as they pass by.

Not the best way to bring peace around maybe but it sure is effective!

Unfortunately Kelly is one of those girls that is not really available for any great lengths of time. In fact, only once every 18 hours does she pop up for her patrol along the road.

So if you happen to be in the neighbourhood of 1750 x 1100 in Tir County, you might be fortunate to get a glance of her. Be prepared because there will be a queue waiting there eagerly for her to show up as they want to talk to/salute/date/spank (tick appropriate) her. If you are an Omni-Tek employee - Kelly hates you. Even if you bring flowers, clan members however are quite safe and might even get lucky enough to get a quick little chat with her before the arrival of 40 Omni-Tek employees out for revenge.

Kelly is one tough biscuit and if you do plan on some payback for the latest skeet-shooting practice of hers, we recommend that you get a healer, you will need one if you are to take her down. And if you do, you might want to check out that gun of hers, but even more interesting is her clothes. No. Her arms you pervert!

  Frederickson's Kinetic Sleeves
Frederickson's new year's gift.

The Kinetic sleeves has a slightly lower droprate than the Micro-Kinetic ones. The sleeves adds a very nifty +36 to Fullauto and Assaultrifle skills and are sought after by Omni-Tek employees of the Soldier persuation.

  Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves
These famous sleeves were given to General Frederickson on his 20 years anniversary as General of the Tir county reserve. You may be certain that any clanner seeing you wearing those will do his utmost to release you from them ... and your life.

These sleeves adds a massive boost to Stamina and Strength, a +22 each infact and as such are very sought after by people wanting to squeeze into their latest set of armor. As with the Kinetic version of the sleeves, the sleeves are Omni-Tek only, which leads us to believe that our dear Kelly has been doing something she could get banned for. Luckily, noone has reported her yet.

  Frederickson Cumulus model II
In Athen Shire there used to exist a small, independent research lab, under the supervision of Dr.Styve. When they recieved a large set of brand new Bio-Zymolots
from Eple, they soon started test-production of biomech weapons.

The Cumulus model II rifle might not be the sturdiest and most effective weapon in the hands of anyone except Kelly herself. Still - it might be prized as a momentum of the hot, yet short time you spent together. Just don't expect her to call you back...

A final word of advice if you intend to engage the lovely lady in a fight is to wear something that can resist her cold damage. And we're not talking about her temper this time.

While she doesnt have any special attacks or nukes of any sort, she does have massive amounts of health and a tendency to break for doctors. You will do well having a level 150 team out there if you intend to bring her down.

Or lots of booze.

Last updated 27. June 2003

Epsilon3, Atlantean

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