Unique Mobs: Professor Van Horn
  If you've ever needed help with a math-problem or wanting to know just where the heck Bukarest is located... This isn't the guy you want to see. Go look in an encyklopedia instead because this professor is one teacher that will thump on you first and ask questions later...      

Of course he's a professor! Look at him! The big fangs, the grim look in his face, the glowing red gleaming eyes.. and then tell me that he doesnt resemble that math professor you had as a young cadet. Of course he is - its written all over him! Although a word of warning. While the good professor might be smarter than the average Rhinoman, that is still just what he is - a rhinoman. So don't expect anything but a very loud (but sophisticated) "GNgnarAHaawAARawwkk!" from him.

Professor Van Horn is definitely an oddity in many ways. Not only is he smrt (for a rhinoman that is) but he's also suffering from a rare albino-disorder that only he himself of all the Rhinomen has. If you feel like you want to study it closer, you can always go visit him at 2900 x 1600 in Newland Desert.

The good professor will be available every 18 hours and is frequently ganged up on by angry students and relatives of them. Thats what you get when you give bad grades I guess. He has no real means of attack, besides his incredible physique and high regeneration-rate and being genetically enhanced at a level of 180 this is saying a lot. He is by no means a pushover. So what does the Professor have that everyone wants from him?

  The Expensive Kevlar Vest of Professor Jones
The Kevlar Armor has been used for thousands of years, with only small modifications.
It still counts among the best when you compare protection to weight. This special vest has got tiny, energized notum studs inserted in the chest and back. They help
stabilising and controlling your nano bots. It is a noticeable effect.

Thats the simple answer. Its a Kevlar vest. Its not even HIS vest! We highly suspect the Professor went into the wrong locker after work and grabbed the wrong piece of clothing when he left for home - somewhere is a confused Professor Jones pondering where the heck his vest has gone.

The Vest adds a number of bonuses, most significant is perhaps the bonuses to Nanoprogramming, Intelligence and Nanoskills. In order to wear this highly specialized piece of armor, you will need to be a nanomage and a strong and agile one at that but its worth it to many.

Last updated 10. July 2003

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