Unique Mobs: Marcus Robicheaux, Poet Laureate
  What is it with all these powerful unique men and women being total nutcases? Marcus Robicheaux is certainly not an execption. The soldier poet is something of a loner, hiding out in the middle of ...nowhere, and for a poet he's suffering from an extreme lack of words.      

Not hard to find, but he certainly choose a remote location. Marcus lives in a run-down cottage near the beautiful waterfalls of the three rivers in Broken Shores - away from the other settlement there, but still close enough for some quick grocery shopping should he need it. More closely, you can find his house in the middle of Broken Shores, around 1500x2900, in the Mountains of Four Lakes.

Marcus is obviously a soldier - or was one in a previous career. His old equipment is still around, but we'll get to that later. Nowadays he makes a living being a poet. A very silent poet that is, as we were unable to get a single word out of him. All is not quite well in this picture either - Marcus appears as the hermit poet hiding out in the wilds, sick and tired of the war, but still he parades around the dirt and dust in front of his cottage in a full tuxedo, like he's just about to drive his yalmaha out of the shed close by and hit a wild party at Baboons - something is amiss, but I can't exactly put my finger on it.

Marcus has a line of specialized old soldiering gear hidden away too, from his days as a poem-reading frontline fighter.

  Poetic Pants
A heavy band of Nano Pylons, Beatlobee Martinets and Self-cleaning KOCR devices are sewn into the waist of these pants.

The pants of Marcus "Poetic" series can be used by all provided you have the skill of 369 Computer Literacy. As far as armor goes, these pants aren't much to yell about as they add 525 to Energy AC. The good stuff here however is the hi-tech NCU interface, that adds 26 extra NCU when worn.

  Poetic Sleeves
Two bands of modified Nano Pylons are sewn into the lining of these sleeves.

The sleeves of the Poetic line can only be worn by Opifexes - wich is strange since Marcus is obviously Solitus. However, that's the way these works. In addition to being a true-bred Opifex, the sleeves require a Computer Literacy skill of 421. For that, these sleeves bestow a 105 Melee AC, 10 Veichle Water, and 8 Adventuring to the user. You can also wear two of these, if you really are the adventurous opifex skipper type.

  Poetic Stretch-band
This is a headband of expensive pseudo-plastic, with sealed Nano Ribbon Globes communicating with the user through SkinCom sensors. It is probably not made on

The pearl of the collection, this headwear is usable only by soldiers. A little Computer Literacy is required to wear, and for this the stretch-band will bestow a little Melee AC, but also a good portion of Psychic, Psychological Modifications and Psychology to the weary soldier. Since this piece does not have a set quality level like the above two, it's a little hard to determine how much of a boost, but looking at the other poetic items and their quality level of 105, a projected Q105 stretch-band would add 16 Psychic and 21 PsyMod and Psychology. Not bad at all.

Last updated 14. April 2003

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