Unique Mobs: The Iron Reet
  Modern mechanical monstrosity or just a reet driven too close to the edge, having his family ganked in the backyards and now it's payback time? Nobody knows - the stories around the Iron Reet are many.      

If you've ever been running around in Mutant Domain you might have come across this sight. He.. we mean.. she.. it.. is called the Iron Reet, and no-one really knows what it is. It looks like it could easily be a baby Juggernaut, but we firmly believe that inside this stompy little feller there is a reet that is preparing to take over the world - Mechastylah. You can find the Iron Reet inside Mutant Domain at roughly 900 x 900. It has a spawntimer of 18.2 hours and is roughly level 125-130 packing quite a punch - luckily enough its quite peaceful and will not aggro on sight, however it will defend itself quite brutally if attacked.

It has a very high healdelta and if you intend to teach it a lesson you better be prepared for its stun-attack as well, which it usually performs just before stomping you into a bloody mess. You will need a semi-high team with some heals in order to take him down. Far from impossible to kill, in fact - relatively easy compared to some of the other unique mobs out there, the Iron Reet has two special drops that it drops from time to time, the Modified Aggression Enhancer and the Droid Control-device. The MAE is the most common drop of the both, but also the less useful one.

  Modified Aggression Enhancer
An unilateral disc computer is mounted on this standard Aggression Enhancer. It runs ToilerBots to damp down incoming high-velocity projectiles.

The Aggression Enhancer is Solitus-only, goes in the Utils3 slot (and some deck-slots as well, but given these are better used for NCUs, I very much doubt the MAE will do any good there) and comes in different quality levels, depending on lucky you get when the Iron Reet drops it. It's not the best item in the world, but it does add some nice Projectile AC stats as well as a small Reflection shield towards projectiles.

  Droid Control-device
This circlet is normally used to control disobedient droids. However, with some skill it can also be used by humans. It has a multitude of uses.

The Droid Control-device is fixer-only, goes in the head armor slot, and like the MAE it comes in different quality levels depending on how lucky you are. The Droid Control-device requires Breaking and Entry skill to wear, and is a very nice item for fixers with their blue nanoskills. It increases Psymod, Sense-Imp, Trap Disarm, Psychology and also gives some Energy AC and a small reflection shield to energy damage.

Last updated 22. December 2002

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