Armor & Production
  This is where you get to chat with our chief armorsmith on how to craft the best of armors, or armor related items, as well as get some bearing on how they perform in the field by hardened soldiers (or how they affect our crash-test-atrox)      
Undercover Armors
Last updated 30.01.04
The Undercover Armors, a closer look at some of the more elusive armors in Shadowlands..
Tier1 Jobe Armor
Last updated 19.12.03
Want to upgrade the Basic Jobe Armor into a slick skintight design based on your profession? We have the lowdown!
Basic Jobe Armor
Last updated 12.12.03
It's either this or a million cans of XXX-Plumbo Beer. Money to burn or drool at the further upgrades? Then this is for you.
Anti-Gravity Unit
Last updated 13.07.03
Strap yourself in for a ride. It wont actually make you fly, but definitely a nice all-round backslot armor piece.
Sided Carbonum Armor
Last updated 13.07.03
Update your carbonum to new heights. All you need are a couple of childsafe spraycans and you're off to greatness!
Omni-Med Battle Armor
Last updated 29.05.03
The sparkly Omni-Med Battle Armor, for the doctor who isn't afraid to wear white on the battlefield.
Eye-Mutant Sinew Armor
Last updated 02.05.03
Eye-Mutants look out! With the new Enforcer-only Sinew Armor, Eye-mutants will become extinct?
Junkmetal Armor
Last updated 26.04.03
Get jiggy with junk! Be your own recycling-unit and squeeze into some junk-armor, practically for free.
Omni-Armed Forces Armor
Last updated 10.03.03
Stronger, Better, Faster, Harder! Be all that and a bag o' chips with the new Omni-Tek only Armed Forces armor!
Omni-Armed Forces Tank Armor
Last updated 20.04.03
Playing with the big boys, you need *heavy* hardware. It doesn't get any more heavy or intimidating than this
Modernized ICC Cloaks
Last updated 15.11.02
Nothing but looks baby! Seriously, work your old dusty ICC cloaks over for some really nifty looks while keeping the stats.
Bronto Hide Armor
Last updated 20.09.02
The Bronto does not only provide tasty and plentiful meat, but its hide is excellent for leatherwork!
Bureaucrat Suits
Last updated 9.09.02
Are you a crat desperately wanting to look like one instead of like the soldier next to you? Fill out the paperwork then.
Dragonflesh Armor
Last updated 30.08.02
One of the toughest armors in the game currently, with pieces that sell for more than most make in a lifetime.
Crepuscule Armor
Last updated 11.02.04
Crepuscule - doesn't it roll off your tongue nicely? Now you can wear one of the Xan's lost armorsets as well!
Meister's Reinforced Suit
Last updated 07.09.03
Bureaucrats look here! With the help of a transformation chip you can easily turn that Nellys dress into a dead sexy suit.
NotuComm Trenchcoat
Last updated 01.09.03
Trenchcoats such as these are hard to come by. And there's a reason for it as well. Meet the NotuComm Trenchcoat.
Notum Saturated Armor
Last updated 29.05.03
The wet dream of many an NT out there, the Notum Saturated Armor adds even more to your nanoskills.
Massive Steel Armor
Last updated 02.05.03
Massive Steel, baby! What else could make you look this dashing? Wear it, sleep in it, love it.
Rollerrat Helmets
Last updated 26.04.03
No, its not a Gardengnome, its in fact the latest fashion - wearable rollerrats! And you know you want one too.
CAS Symbiotic Armor
Last updated 8.11.02
Crush, Kill, Destroy? This newly introduced armor aimed at the strong 'uns gives neat bonuses, and looks damn sweet!
Physician´s Cap
Last updated 04.04.03
Is there a doctor in the house?! This cap you will be sure to attract some attention your way, and its a nice armor to boot!
Sentinel Armor
Last updated 19.03.04
Superior Sentinel Armor! Never has wearing a goat on your head been this much fun!
Barter Armor
Last updated 07.05.03
Trader armor for those wanting something that not everyone is prancing around in - astonish your friends at parties!
Metallic Mantis Armor
Last updated 15.11.02
A chop here and a chop there will soon make you enough pieces to turn those pesky mantises into a neat armor.
Flesh Hoods
Last updated 20.11.02
A quite simple process of turning dead monster-parts into neat hoods of pure flesh for your demonic rituals.
Carbonum Plate Armor
Last updated 26.08.02
A very nice metaplast armor that adds to nanopool and max NCU - if you can stand metaplast that is. Only one way to find out.
Overtuning Tank Armors
Last updated 10.10.02
Squeeze all you can out of that bulky metal chunk strapped to your back with a bit of fiddling with the electronics.
Adventure Shields
Last updated 30.08.02
Are you an Adventurer in need of proper protection? Drawing too much aggro and need something to keep you alive?