Pharmacy & Chemistry
  From advanced drug research and neural stims, to bald atroxes moonshining, pharmachy and the use of pharmatech skills play an important part if you want to knock up some concoctions for business or pleasure.      
Special Emergency Treatment Labs
Last updated 19.03.04
Make your lowlevel friends happy by giving them a quick rejuvenation in form of a Special Emergency Treatment Lab made from a genuine Eye-Mutant Heart!
Emergency Treatment Labs
Last updated 10.10.02
Anyone skilled in pharmacy can create these high quality treatment labratories. Costly, but superior to standard shop issue.
Health Labs and First-Aid Kits
Last updated 27.06.03
More Blood Plasma, nurse! If you want to recharge your health faster than anyone else, team with a doctor with Complete Heal. This is the next best thing!

Nano-Kits and Rechargers
Last updated 13.06.03
With a bit of Notum and some skill anything is possible! Make your own rechargers and be the pimp on the block as nano-technicians flock to your house.
Stims & Kits
Last updated 23.08.02
Your very own candy shop, or stims to quickly boost essential skills like swimming.
Also the great healing + nano kits.