Pharmacy: Stims & Kits
  Rememeber those Stim-packs you had in the backyard, that replenished both health and nano? Ever wonder how come those doesnt exist at higher levels? Well - they do - all you need is a will to tinker around a bit!      
  In total so far, there are three types of stim-packs available, all of which takes Pharma Tech skills to make. The Muscular Stim, The Swim Stim & Restoration Kits. This guide will cover the production of all these.

We'll start off by getting the parts needed, as they are pretty much the same for all three - the only real difference being something called Nano Knots that is used in all Pharmacy production so far.

  Mimicking Cellular Oil
This thin oil contains peeled off DNA that bio-bots can attach
themselves to. It mimicks the key identifiers of the target DNA,
and spreads unhindered through the body in less than 0.6 seconds.

  Receptive Bots
This syringe contains sealed DP-3, the most advanced
readymade Bio-bot type at the moment. This type of bot is very
receptive to programming, and has a short life span.

      Nano Knot of Muscular Increase
Nano Knot of Swimming
Nano Knot of Restoration

The common denominating ingredient for all stims are Mimicking Cellular Oil and Receptive Bots, which you will need as well. You can get all these components from your local Pharmacy and Chemistry Components booth. They might not be the cheapest things around (a stack of QL150 Stims will cost you around 400-500k) but it beats dying. Combine these two components to produce a Purple Glowing Stim, the QL of which is also predominant as to when the final product is compiled, much like empty implants for when the clusters are inserted. The Glowing Purple Stim is the very basis for any kind of stim made, so the next part is really up to you, however, we recommend you read the whole guide before you start making any Stims.

  + =   A Purple Glowing Stim
This syringe contains activated DP-3 Bio-bots,
attached to peeled off strands of mimicing DNA.

To make a Muscular Stim, combine your Glowing Purple Stim with the Nano Knot of Muscular Increase. A QL200 Stim will boost your Body Dev by 360 (For Solitus and Opifex, this means 1080 HP, for nanomage it means 720 HP and for Atroxes it means 1440 HP), so for short-term use you might to well to keep these close for those tight spots. However, the First-Aid requirement on such high stims are rather steep at 1001 First-Aid skill, we can recommend something like a QL150ish stim and it will still be quite nice.

  + =   A Muscular Stim
The bots in this stim will transform you by building
extra layers of muscle into your torso, thighs and
upper arms.

For the Swim Stim, combine the Glowing Purple Stim with a Nano Knot of Swimming.

The Swim Stim does marvels for your swimming. A lowly QL31 Stim enhances your Swimming skills with 200, which makes traversing that river a lot faster. This Stim locks your Swimming skill for 6 minutes.

  + =   A Swim Stim
The bots in this stim are programmed to attach
themselves to the muscle groups that are used for
swimming (breast stroke).

And lastly but not least, for the Restoration Kit, combine the Glowing Purple Stim with a Nano Knot of Restoration. The Restoration Kit is our personal favourite.

  + =   A Restoration Kit
This advanced stim will restore both your health
and your nano energy.

The most interesting type of them is really the Restoration kit, as this gives you both HP and nano back, so we took the liberty of comparing it to a Simple First Aid kit, both at QL200, so the skill-reqs are high - very high.

  Advanced Restoration Kit Simple First-Aid Kit  
  Replenishes Nano 700-1000
Replenishes Health 700-1000
Replenishes Health 1000  
First Aid 1001
First Aid 901

Final word
Both Stims lock First Aid for 40 seconds, the Restoration Kits obvious advantage being that it gives you Nano as well as Health back. However - it Has quite a high requirement to use (QL200 Restoration kits are really only useable by Doctors). To use or not to use? That is the question when it comes to items like this. Personally, I don't use First-Aid kits either, so I most likely wont use the Restoration Kits. However - I have many friends that swears by this when they go into 2HO, so I'm not going to knock it either. Use at your own discretion, I would say! And have fun making the kits!

Last updated 08.January 2003

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