Pharmacy: Recharging Health Items
  Tired of downtime in missions or outdoors hunting because you are sitting down on your behind waiting for those pesky store-bought rechargers to recharge? Well, have no fear - the semi-finished kits are here...      
  Before we go into the specifics of making these, you should know that it will take some time to create any great supply of these if you are doing missions a lot. The reason being that in missions very few monsterparts can be found, so if you want to get those really nice ones, we can only recommend that you go hunting outdoors in some highlevel zone like Perpetual Wastelands or Eastern Foul Plains, where the levelrange of mobs are around 140+ because you will need the QL of the Blood Plasma to be as high as possible when you are making these.

That said, it should be fairly obvious that what we need is a couple of these...

          Monster Parts
Oh ew.. now that is disgusting.

Yucky aren't they? We strongly recommend that you get some sniffing salt as carrying around a couple of pounds of raw flesh in your backpack tends to smell. A lot. Oh, wait, that was just me not showering today. You can find Monster Parts on pretty much any outdoor mob as long as they aren't robotic or humanoid. Our personal favourites are snakes and spiders and the occasional Anun (ah.. sweet revenge...)

You will need TWO, I repeat TWO monsterparts for every charge of First-Aid kits or Treatment labs you want, so make sure to bunker up with them, they do have a tendency to vanish faster than you think in missions.

To convert the Monster Parts into useable Blood Plasma, you will also need to pick up a Bio-Comminutor, available in the Pharmacy and Chemistry Tools & Bases booth. If you plan on doing a lot of parts, we recommend that you get a high one, something like QL120 should be enough to do all of the labs you will ever need. While we are there, lets pick up some other items as well that we will need, namely the Semi-Finished First-Aid Kits and Semi-Finished Treatment Labs.

This little grinding mill will carefully extract bloodplasma from
most kinds of animal material you put into it.

  Semi-Finished First-Aid Kit
This is the base for making your own, sophisticated piece of first-aid machinery.
To complete the kit you simply need to add Blood Plasma of approximately the same
quality level as this semi-finished kit. One base makes 25 charges.

  Semi-Finished Treatment Lab
This semi-finished Treatment Lab can be completed by adding a Double Charge of
Blood Plasma (made by adding two capsules of Blood Plasma together).

The Bio-Comminutor is a reusable item - it wont disappear, so getting a high quality one to begin with is a good thing. You will also need to get these items from the nearest Pharmacy and Chemistry Components shop for later: Antiseptic Jar, Mimicking Cellular Oil, Revitalizing Serum and a Treatment Labratory Bot-Injector.

First, lets make some blood plasma. Using the Bio-Comminutor on the Monster Parts will create blood-plasma of roughly the same QL as the Monster Parts (slightly higher if you have a high Pharma tech skill). This step takes 2.5 times the QL of the monster parts in Pharma Tech skill to complete.

  + =   Blood Plasma
A capsule of blood plasma.

For the Labs You will need to mix two of the Blood Plasma capsules together now, making a Double-Charged capsule of Blood Plasma. For the kits, the regular Blood Plasma will do just fine.

  + =   Double Charge of Blood Plasma
A double charged capsule of blood plasma.

As with most of the skills regarding pharmacy-items, this one requires you to have some IP's spent into your Pharmaceutical skill.

The rest of the process should really be self-explanatory, yet we know that our neighbour Og the Butcher had some troubles with this. Yes, he is an atrox, why did you ask? Nevertheless - combine the Double Charged capsule of Blood Plasma with the Lab or the Single Charged Blood Plasma with your Kit as you see fit, as such...

  + =   First-Aid Kit
A sophisticated piece of first-aid machinery. Using this on
a friend or yourself heals a small amount of damage.

  + =   Treatment Laboratory
This HQ Health Treatment induces a large amount of available hits to a character sitting down. Neither you nor your patient can be in attack mode while treatment progresses.

This simple step requires you to have 5 times the QL of the kit/lab in your Pharmatech skills. You will now end up with a stack of 50 Treatment Labs, or 25 First-Aid Kits, all ready to get used up in the next mission!

One tip here is of course to buy a lot of the same QL of the semi-finished kits and labs so that the end-product will become stackable. That way you wont have to run around with a lot of various QL of your chargers.

Last updated 27.June 2003

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