Pharmacy: Emergency Treatment Labs
  "Wait I have to heal up - that boss is critting me for 800 damage all the time, my poor nanomage body cant withstand all this punishment, I want to go hoooome!" Sound familiar? What you need is lots of healing fast, and this is one way to get it.      
  We've all been forced to sit down and rest up from time to time, especially if you are prone to getting hurt really fast (nanomage, whee!) or just clumsy (Twicer, wheeee! no wait - what?) takes time to heal up those missing 3000 HP's unless you are lucky enough to have zoned together with a doctor, or you don't have a healpet, but there is another way - a way of saving a lot of time, and a way of losing a lot of money. If thats a good or bad thing, I'll leave to you to decide. With that said, here is the guide...

The Emergency Treatment Laboratory is one of the most basic tradeskill items there is, meaning, it has been around for a long time, and the ingredients are pretty easy to come by, although they are a bit on the expensive side - making QL130 Labs might cost you a pretty penny - around 300-400k more precise. The good news is that you wont really need any higher than QL140 (or so) labs, only doctors will be able to use labs that high. Also, when you create the labs, you are not getting a pack of 50 or 100, we are talking 300+ charges here, Jim-Bob (at least for the higher versions, like QL120+)!You will need monster parts, which can be gotten from pretty much any non-npc, non-robotic mob there is, and some Pharmaceutical skills in order to make this. Pharma Tech is actually the only tradeskill used throughout all the steps in this process.

          Monster Parts
Yuk. Double yuk. Noone ever said anything about this!

You will also need to pick up a Bio-Comminutor, available in the Pharmacy and Chemistry Tools & Bases booth. If you plan on doing a lot of parts, we recommend that you get a high one, something like QL120 should be enough to do all of the labs you will ever need.

This little grinding mill will carefully extract bloodplasma from
most kinds of animal material you put into it.

The Bio-Comminutor is a reusable item - it wont disappear, so getting a high quality one to begin with is a good thing. You will also need to get these items from the nearest Pharmacy and Chemistry Components shop for later: Antiseptic Jar, Mimicking Cellular Oil, Revitalizing Serum and a Treatment Labratory Bot-Injector.

First, lets make some blood plasma. Using the Bio-Comminutor on the Monster Parts will create blood-plasma of roughly the same QL as the Monster Parts (slightly higher if you have a high Pharma tech skill). A side note on Blood Plasma - it sells really expensivly to shops, so if you are a low level (1-40) character, selling Blood Plasma to shops can be a nice source of income, as long as you are willing to spend IP's into Pharma Tech skills, which I personally wouldnt. This step takes 2.5 times the QL of the monster parts in Pharma Tech skill to complete.

  + =   Blood Plasma
A capsule of blood plasma.

Once we have some Blood Plasma, we can continue to make the treatment labs (or sell them to the nearest Vampire wannabe). First take the Mimicking Cellular Oil and combine it with the Antiseptic Jar, resulting in a Jar of Mimicking Cellular Oil (now if thats not a brainbender, I don't know what is!). Update: The QL of the Mimicking Cellular Oil must be at least 80% in QL of the Antiseptic Jar, or the process will not work, this 80% dependancy expands over the rest of the process as well, as you will see from the added information we have put in the guide.

  + =   Jar of Mimicking Cellular Oil
This is an antiseptic jar that contains mimicking
cellular oil.

The next bit is taking that Revitalizing Serum and pouring it into the jar, thus producing a Jar of Prepared Serum (and some rather funky odors that reminds a bit of week-old, unwashed socks). If you bought a lot of these, you might have noticed that they stacked in your inventory, you will have to split them into packs of 10 charges for it to work, as it takes exactly 10 charges of serum for the process to work - no more, no less. The Revitilizing Serum must be at least 80% in QL of the Jar of Mimicking Cellular Oil,
or the process cant be completed.

  + =   Prepared Serum
This is an antiseptic jar that contains a mixture of
mimicking cellular oil and revitalizing serum.

Finally, letting the Blood Plasma dissolve into the Jar of Prepared Serum will create a Jar of Transient Liquid.

  + =   Jar of Transient Fluid
This is an antiseptic jar that contains a mixture of
mimicking cellular oil, revitalizing serum and blood

And last apply to this to your Treatment Laboratory Bot-Injector, to produce the end-results. The higher QL of Monster Parts and the higher your Pharma Tech skill is, the more charges the Treatment Lab will hold. The Jar of Transient Fluid must be at least 80% in QL of the Treatment Laboratory Bot-Injector, or the process cant be completed.

  + =   Emergency Treatment Laboratory
This advanced treatment laboratory is mainly used
in emergency situations.

Something to be said about these. While they are really great for healing you up fast in-between fights, they have a rather nasty kickback - you will be temporarily blinded by the effects.

The Pharmatech skill required to make QL140-150 Labs are not that high either, we were stunned at being able to make the QL140 ones in our testphase with a measly 500 in Pharma Tech skill (the reqs on the QL140 labs were around 700 treatment) . Now we are spending too much time hunting mutants to get our fix for more of these labs, spending money like madmen building them, selling our internal organs to pay for them, and being generally manic about being able to heal up 80% of our HP in-between fights.

Last updated 06.December 2002

Doublebarrel, Atlantean

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