Pharmacy: Special Emergency Treatment Laboratory
  Ever strolled around flaying mutants to the left and right and all of a sudden find yourself holding an Eyemutant heart, that you just ripped out of the chest of some poor mob with a "kiyyyaaaaa!!" and wondered what to do with it? Well, this is what!      
  The Special Emergency Treatment Laboratory can be a nasty tradeskill process to complete, due to the Quality level range of the items you need, getting quality 7-9 items throughout the entire process is recommended, since you will not be able to use anything except a QL10 or 11 Jar of Transient Heart Fluid to combine at the last step.

This said - what you first of all need to get is one of these...

  Secondary Eye-Mutant Heart
One singular property of the Eyemutant breed is the frequent occurance of double
hearts in their bodies. The secondary heart performs all the same duties the primary heart does, but the level of stress on the heart is lower.

Oddly enough the Eye-Mutant heart drops from well.. Eye-Mutants, of all ranges. The best place to get a whole lot of Eye-Mutants in one go is the small encampment slightly northwest of the whompa-outpost in Pleasant Meadows. Be wary though - the eyemutants around that area are level 60-80 and there are plenty of other nasty, meateating critters around there as well, so if you haven't got the levels to deal with a whole bunch of level 60-90 mobs, we suggest you go find eyemutants somewhere else, like in Omni-Forest or Lush Fields, or outside Tir.

You will also need to pick up a Bio-Comminutor, available in the Pharmacy and Chemistry Tools & Bases booth.

This little grinding mill will carefully extract bloodplasma from
most kinds of animal material you put into it.

The Bio-Comminutor is a reusable item - it wont disappear, so getting a high quality one to begin with is a good thing if you plan on going tradeskills later on in life. You will also need to get these items from the nearest Pharmacy and Chemistry Components shop for later: Antiseptic Jar, Mimicking Cellular Oil, Revitalizing Serum and a Treatment Labratory Bot-Injector.

First, lets make some blood plasma. Using the Bio-Comminutor on the Secondary Eye-Mutant Heart will create you some blood-plasma. This step takes 25 Pharma Tech skill to complete.

  + =   Secondary Eyemutant Heart Blood Plasma
This is special blood plasma from the secondary heart of an Eyemutant.

Once we have some Blood Plasma, we can continue to make the treatment labs (or sell them to the nearest Vampire wannabe). First take the Mimicking Cellular Oil and combine it with the Antiseptic Jar, resulting in a Jar of Mimicking Cellular Oil.

The QL of the Mimicking Cellular Oil must be at least 80% in QL of the Antiseptic Jar, or the process will not work, this 80% dependancy expands over the rest of the process as well, and dealing with as
low numbers as QL10 or thereabouts, the margins are very slim indeed.

  + =   Jar of Mimicking Cellular Oil
This is an antiseptic jar that contains mimicking
cellular oil.

The next bit is taking that Revitalizing Serum and pouring it into the jar, thus producing a Jar of Prepared Serum (and some rather funky odors that reminds a bit of week-old, unwashed socks). If you bought a lot of these, you might have noticed that they stacked in your inventory, you will have to split them into packs of 10 charges for it to work, as it takes exactly 10 charges of serum for the process to work - no more, no less. The Revitilizing Serum must be at least 80% in QL of the Jar of Mimicking Cellular Oil,
or the process cant be completed.

  + =   Prepared Serum
This is an antiseptic jar that contains a mixture of
mimicking cellular oil and revitalizing serum.

Finally, letting the Blood Plasma dissolve into the Jar of Prepared Serum will create a Jar of Transient Liquid.

  + =   Jar of Transient Heart Fluid
This is an antiseptic jar that contains a mixture of
mimicking cellular oil, revitalizing serum and special blood plasma from a Secondary Eyemutant Heart.

And last apply to this to your Treatment Laboratory Bot-Injector, to produce the end-results. The Jar of Transient Heart Fluid must be at least 80% in QL of the Treatment Laboratory Bot-Injector, or the process cant be completed.

  + =   Special Emergency Treatment Laboratory
This special treatment laboratory is mainly used in emergency situations. It sends a large amount of bio-bots through your body - replacing each and every dead cell with new cells.

Something to be said about these. While they are really great for healing you up fast in-between fights, they have a rather nasty kickback - you will be temporarily blinded by the effects. The hardships you go through in order to get one doesn't really outweigh their uses, but if you stumble upon one and you want it done, its a nice way of loading up HP's fast, if you disregard the blindness side-effects.

Last updated 19.March 2004

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