Pharmacy: Recharging Nano Items
  Gone are the days when you swore underneath your breath because you were forced to use the nano recharging kits and rechargers from the shop. Now with the power of notum, all you need are some Notum Pellets and some skill and you'll be all stocked up!      
  If you have found one of those Notum Pellets in a chest in a mission and left it there thinking "Hah! I wont ever be needing those!" now is the time to slap yourself upside the head and go "D'oh!" because those Notum Pellets will make you the pimp of the block, when your resident doctor, meta-physicist or nanotechnician come banging on your door looking for another fix.

  Notum Pellet
A brittle pellet of notum.

You can find Notum Pellets on pretty much any mob and in missions, so coming by the Pellets wont be too hard. Do a couple of missions while you are in pursuit of that elusive next level and you'll inevitably find some and be ready to get into the drug-industry. Once you have the Notum Pellets you will need to pop by the store in order to get some tools and components we'll need in order to complete the processes.

  Semi-Finished Nano Recharger
This Semi-Finished Nano Recharger is used to make a standard type Nano Recharger. You do that by simply adding a Refined Notum pellet.

  Semi-Finished Nano Kit
This Semi-Finished Nano Kit is used to make a standard type Nano Kit. You do that by simply adding a Refined Notum Pellet.

  Jensen Personal Ore Extractor
The Personal Ore Extractor line of machines, produced by Jensen Corp, are used by independent miners all over the galaxy. Fitted with self-cleaning and self-repair
systems, the P.O.E has a near zero maintenance level.

You will find the semi-finished kits and rechargers in the Pharmacy and Chemistry Tools and Bases booth and the Jensen Personal Ore Extractor in the General Tools and Bases booth. We recommend that you get a high one, around QL150 so you will be stacked for future use.

Now to the actual process. The first thing we need to do is to refine the pellet with our Ore extractor.

  + =   Refined Notum Pellet
This pellet is almost turning to dust in your hand. It is
used for making Nano Rechargers and Nano Kits.

This step requires 5 times the QL of the pellet in your Mechanical Engineering skill to accomplish and will land you with the Refined Notum Pellet used for both the Kits and the Rechargers. Be careful, its very very brittle.

The next step is so simple even the most inbred Atrox can manage it. If he has the skills for it that is. Simply combine the Refined Notum Pellet with the Semi-finished Kit or Recharger and you will end up with the finished product, as such..

  + =   Advanced Nano Recharger
The Advanced Nano Recharger is the ultimate nano-recharging tool. Neither you nor your patient can be in
attack mode while treatment progresses.

  + =   Sophisticated Nano Kit
A sophisticated piece of first-aid machinery. Using this
on a friend or yourself regenerates a small amount of damage.

This simple step requires you to have 5 times the QL of the kit/recharger in your Pharmatech skills. You will now end up with a stack of 50 Rechargers, or 25 Nano Kits, all ready to get used up in the next mission!

One tip here is of course to buy a lot of the same QL of the semi-finished kits and rechargers so that the end-product will become stackable. That way you wont have to run around with a lot of various QL of your chargers.

Last updated 13.June 2003

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