Gameplay Elements
  General aspects, features, or elements of gameplay it could be worth knowing a little more about. Articles on things every player will have some direct contact with one way or another through regular playing.      
Shadowlands Pocket Bosses
Last updated 13.10.03
Camping-on-demand. No more waiting for hours on end to get some nice loot. You can spawn these babies at will!
Faction System
Last updated 09.09.03
We take a look at the Faction system in Shadowlands and how the different factions work for and against you.
Perks System
Last updated 09.09.03
The Perks in Shadowlands that can be hard to fully understand. We take a look at how it works.
Travelling in Shadowlands
Last updated 09.09.03
Travelling in Shadowlands can be dangerous and difficult. We take a look at the basics of traversing the lands.
Last updated 17.07.03
Taking an in-depth look at backyards for the various factions, visiting the Second-Hand Peddler and more.
Last updated 29.01.03
Taking a closer look at Dynacamps, what they are, how to identify them and of course where the heck they are.
Normal Implants
Last updated 26.08.02
An extensive guide to implants for both the beginners and the hardcore. Everything you ever wanted to know.
Advanced Notum Wars Towers
Last updated 13.01.03
Here we go - advanced towers, a follow up to the basic towers, and where things start to get dangerous.
Basic Notum Wars Towers
Last updated 15.12.02
A good look at all the shop-bougth towers you can pop up at your guild's base with Notum Wars.
Personal Service Towers
Last updated 13.01.03
Want your very own beeping tower that you can put up anywhere outdoors and will always be your friend?
Organization Advantagess
Last updated 22.12.02
Find out how to jack up your guild's controller and give multiple skill boosts to all the members.
Shadowrift Shrines
Last updated 26.08.02
The recently introduced Shrines spread through missions gives you great boosts that can turn the battle around.
Humanoid Mob Classes
Last updated 20.09.02
Identifying the humanoid mobs by their names and appearance, to give you an idea what they are capable of.