This is where all the things that do not exclusively fall into another defined category end up. Tools, stat boosting equipment, effects, and the little odds and ends that does not really fit anywhere else. Let the gadget fidgeting begin!      
Arul Saba Bracelets
Last updated 17.02.04
When you absolutely, positively, want to give your engineer friend a cardiac arrest, ask him to make you one of these babies!
Yalmaha - The Stiletto
Last updated 08.09.03
The sexiest vehicle on Rubi-Ka. If flying is your thing, you will simply love the Stiletto. Unfortunately your wallet wont.
Rebuilt NCU Wrist Implant
Last updated 12.08.03
In dire need of some extra NCU? The Rebuilt NCU wrist implant will help you get that NCU of yours up and running.
Mechanical Analyzer
Last updated 07.07.03
Mechanical Engineering for Engineers. Engineering has never been this fun. Did we say "Engineers" already?
Accelerated NCU's
Last updated 07.05.03
Missing a few nano-init points to get down to insta-casting that extra-pesky nuke? You want a couple of these babies.
Hologram Projections
Last updated 03.11.02
If you are an agent and always been wanting to crawl under a rock and hide yourself from the outside world - read on!
NCU Hacker Interface
Last updated 8.11.02
A quick fix for Fixers-only. This little gadget requires little skill, but pop in a HUD2 slot, and you'll get a boost to nanoskills.
Treatment Library
Last updated 22.08.02
Ever missed those extra 5-6 treatment for putting in an implant? Even with ability boosts? This is for you!
Virral Triumvirate Egg
Last updated 24.09.02
One of the most coveted items in the game, and definitely one of the most expensive ones - here's the lowdown.
Implant Disassembly Clinic
Last updated 13.10.02
Does your implants need a makeover but you don't feel like spending money getting new ones? Empty your old ones instead!
Lock Pick of Eight
Last updated 31.08.02
It might not look like it, but this nifty little item will actually give you quite a number of useful boosts if you are a fixer.
Enhanced Pads of Dedication
Last updated 06.07.03
The Omni-Tek enhanced versions of the popular Pads of Dedication, modified and upgraded to suit your every need.
Briefcase of Holding
Last updated 04.04.03
Who can be a true bureaucrat without a trusty briefcase in which to tuck all ones pencils and papers?
The Repairman's Hat
Last updated 15.12.02
Fashion-buff Engineers gets a new gadget headgear that boosts various tradeskills through a simple upgrading process
Personalized Basic Robot Brain
Last updated 23.08.02
Looking for some extra brainpower to get your creative juices flowing? Look no further - get your extra brain here!
Augmented Bow Tie
Last updated 09.09.02
Simply don't leave home without if you want people to take you seriously. Or if you want to boost your tradeskills.
Coffee Machines
Last updated 15.09.02
Are you a 'crat looking for a way to keep you awake during long meetings at the office? Enter the Miyashiro coffee machine!
Personal Lockpick
Last updated 28.08.02
Its just an ordinary lock pick, but after some fidgeting, it becomes nodrop and, it has your name on it! How cool is that?
Aggression Trimmer
Last updated 31.08.02
A way for Engineers to build the aggressiveness of their killer bots, to keep aggro where it should be.
Aggression Enhancer
Last updated 11.09.02
Using a few drops of concentrated Jealousy, we improve on the regular Agression Multipliers.