Weapons & Smithing
  The art of weaponsmithing is not lost on Rubi-Ka - increasing the efficiency and fine-tuning the instruments of war could not find a better arena than Rubi-Ka. This where our weapons master and weapon smith tell you all you have to know to come out on top.      
Solar Trader Shotgun
Last updated 02.12.03
So what if the warranty voids if you fiddle around with it too much with your screwdriver?
Spiritech Weapon Upgrades
Last updated 04.10.03
Want to upgrade your Sacrosanct or Inamorata weaponry? We have the information you need.
Solar-Powered Pistol Upgrades
Last updated 16.07.03
Rebuild, modify and upgrade your Solar-Powered Pistol to new heights! We have the lowdown on the processes.
Eye-Mutant Laser Weaponry
Last updated 02.05.03
Orbs of Death? Tennisballs of doom? No! Its time to get jiggy with some Eye-Mutant Orb Lasers!
Boosted Hellspinnr Shock Cannon
Last updated 20.09.02
A bit of soldier-luv here as soldiers get to upgrade an otherwise BIG gun to exceptional damage.
Chemical Mausser Streamer
Last updated 26.08.02
Still the love of many fixers, modifying the common Mausser to fire chemical bullets. Can be used by everyone though.

Jobe Backyard Weapons
Last updated 05.10.03
Weapons can be handcrafted even when you're still in the backyard as a toddler. We show you what you need to do.
Arrowmaking 101
Last updated 04.04.03
The fine art of fletching. Learn how to make your own arrows in our guide for you bow-fanatics out there.
Mantis Weaponry
Last updated 03.11.02
Willing to subject your frail body to a massive beating in order to get hold of some new weapons? Look no further!
Improved Immortal Katanas
Last updated 22.11.02
Oh man, you gotta love 30th century tech - a 2 handed katana, that also glows in the dark! See how to improve on these gems.
Sealed Weapon Receptacles
Last updated 30.08.02
Highly illegal, and thus also highly interesting. Plenty of goodies for everyone in these smuggler shipments.
Improving Melee Weapons
Last updated 9.09.02
Several melee weapons can get refined through the use of advanced Mass Relocation Robots, find out how.