Community Interview: Morten Sorlie
  na We delve into the mind of one of the original developers of Anarchy Online and the author of countless of unforgettable music pieces. Ladies and gents - Morten Sorlie!  
  Leetville Chapters 7 and 8
  leet The missing two chapters that never got released are now available. All your leety needs in our humorsecion - Leetville!  
na Time for an Eargasm!
09.11.07 Site Update by Twicer
As promised a few days ago, it's time to release the interview section. I decided to put it into the community section rather than make the site harder to navigate.

In this installment, you get to meet the man behind the music, the man - the myth - the cigarette-quitting legend, the one and only Morten Sorlie. Also in this article is an unreleased track that Morten created for Anarchy Online a long time ago called "Robots". Be sure to download and listen to it - it deserves it.
na It's Tuesday already!?
06.11.07 Site Update by Twicer
Well. I couldn't keep my filthy paws off it, now could I.. The not-so-long-awaited extra chapters of Leetville has hit Arcanum (Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 to be exact), so what are you waiting on?

Visit Leetville (or perish like the foolish muffinmunchin' rollerrats you are!)
Some weekend activity
17.07.04 Site Update by Ellusion
More garden madness! Getting where you want to be in a timely fashion, was hell when the Shadowlands first launched. It's a little bit easier now, and the garden quests are rolling out. And hey, they actually work now =)

Have a nice weekend, and grab the key to Roch's Garden in Scheol while you're at it!

Toldja updates would come rarely..
06.11.07 Rant by Twicer
But no, I havent "forgotten" this site or anything like that. It's my firm intention of keeping this place updated with some new funny and incoherent stuff.

Last time I talked a bit about nostalgia and I actually re-read a lot of the "Do you remember when...?" posts we have had. I also remember we were debating putting in some really fun ones that we could remember ourselves, but so many of them were "you had to be there" kind of things. But now in retrospect, just because I feel like it, I feel I should give you my top three greatest moments in Anarchy Online:

1 - My PVP Title

I had a pvp-title. For about a day, and by completely doing - nothing. Back in the days, Eastern Foul Plains was actually completely PVP free for all enabled. I was a level 100-or-so MP, quite twinked, and had figured out that, hey this /pet hunt command can actually serve me some good while I get coffee. So after 5 minutes of AFK, I return to the computer and find my health at 100, a dead healing pet on the ground and my demon basically just finished whupping the butt of some poor soul that had found me while my pet was out of sight and thought I was easy prey. MP's were IMBA back in the days...

2 - My best mistell ever
Me and a friend were talking about how small remotes are becoming. He just bought this monster of a backscreen projector TV and were all nervous about sitting down in his couch breaking his remote because it was so tiny he couldnt even see it. And of course, me and my big mouth, and even bigger TV-remote tell this single line into guildchat: "Well, I dont have that kinda problem, mine is like... 16 inches or something - I can hold it in both hands!"

3 - Most embarrassing moment ever
I have a number of these, and they all spawn from me being very. very. tired and thinking I am funnier than I really am. I was logged in with my enforcer and was tanking in a raid. The guild I was in (The Honored Maidens) consisted mostly of female toons and I was feeling extremely tired so I started doing bad chinese acting replacing R's with L's. Mistake number one is me thinking that would be funny in any way. Mistake number two is me tanking the endboss of a mission and saying this into party-chat: "Haw, take that, mistel boss! Taste my clitical hit!"