Quest: Key to the Garden of Roch
  Braving your steps into the shadowlands, one aches for a place to unwind and recouperate after the raging battles. This is where gardens come in - erected to honor each side of the conflict's heroes, these lush and tranquil garden monuments will aide you in your suffering.      
For each type of playfield there are four "gardens", two for each side, and often a tribute to a particular grand hero of that side. The gardens themselves come in two varieties, the regular Gardens you will come across first, and later Sanctuaries. Think of it as a step up on the career ladder.

All in all there is little difference between a Garden and a Sanctuary, except for a few services rendered there from the minions of said hero (like nanoprograms).

This guide however will deal with the Garden of Roch, a hero of the Unredeemed side (Omni). Although it's quite possible for the opposing side to visit each others gardens and stir up trouble, doing the actual quests from the minions of the opposing side is not recommended. Most often these tasks and quests from one side requires you to have a certain standing with them (Faction - see here) and should you wish to serve one, it will mean betraying the other.

Welcome to Scheol - from the stumbling steps through Nascence, through the lush and vibrant green hills and idyllic gardens of Elysium, the first glimpse of hell is creeping in. Windblown barren fields and sharp cliffs like tears in the very earth, slowly transforming into dark looming mountains. And the whispers. Of coming doom.

Continuing our exploration into the realistic self-centered fate of those branded the Unredeemed, the first step into this new realm will undoubtedly be to contact our peers to find a safe haven and protection from the wild. Luckily, salvation isn't far off, as you can spot the towering spires of Roch's Keep almost immediately stepping out of the portal from Elysium. This is where we need to go. Specifically, entering Roch's Keep through the front door (1700x380) and find out if anyone is home.

NOTE: A little preparation is needed to grab the garden key right off the bat. You could always just start the quest and worry about it later, but doing a little ground-work beforehand can save you some time. The needed items are a Complete Blueprint Pattern of "Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu" - from combining the 4 parts, Abhan, Bhootar, Chi and Dom (See below), a Crystal Filled with the Source QL 150 or higher, a piece of Novictum QL 135+, and optionally one Insignia of Roch. Procurement of these items are further described below.

  As before, the unredeemed running the show and breaking in new manpower in the physical realm, is most often the residing Prophet. In this case, we need to locate Prophet Eckel-Roch. When entering the keep, stride through the first room and exit into the second hall. From here you should see short steps leading up to an gangway of sorts trailing both sides north-south, along each side of the second room. Head up to your left, and enter a doorway along the gangway. There's a strange circular room here bustling with activity. Follow the circular hallway to your right when entering and a you'll spot the Prophet soon enough, looking a little different from the rest of the inhabitants here.

Talk to the Prophet and it seems he has *just the task* for you ready. It appears some underlings are searching the realm for a certain Empath of the Redeemed side, and obviously, you have to help them out.

NOTE: This part of the quest makes no sense, so just nod your head and appear to understand and agree. Eckel Roch will tell you to go talk to some Visionists, but nothing is pointing you in any direction, or explaining anything further. Nod your head anyway. What you really have to do is gather a set of "pocketboss" patterns, for a "pocketboss" very specific to this quest alone. Once you have all the four parts, and have them assembled into a complete pattern, return the blueprint to Eckel Roch.

The pocketboss (more on pocketbosses here) we need to gather is "Weary Empath Min-Ju Liu". Patterns for this drop basically from *any* unredeemed regular mob in upper scheol. Upper Scheol is where you enter, Lower Scheol is where you exit. Again, Upper is down, Lower is up. Ok?.

The best, easiest way to find a full pattern is simply to bring the artillery in on the redemeed village in Upper Scheol - right west from Roch's Keep. Highly visible on your worldmap. All redeemed scum wandering outside or inside the village seems to have a chance of dropping a random piece of the pattern. Keep at it until you have all four pattern pieces, Abhan, Bhootar, Chi and Dom. Then combine them into a Complete Blueprint Pattern, or have someone do it for you.

  Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'Weary Empath Min-Ju Liu'

With complete pattern in hand, return to Prophet Eckel Roch and show it to him. If you were effective about it and did the ground-work, you could just give him the pattern right away after getting the first quest.

Eckel Roch will give you back the pattern, and also an Insignia of Roch - so you can enter the Garden and talk to a certain Hypnagogic who resides there that knows more about what has to be done. We can't have no Redemeed Empaths running around now can we, weary or not. When you exit Roch's Keep, you are left facing south - run off the walls there, fall down to the outside of the keep south, then follow the walls west and you should stumble upon the nearest Garden Statue, "Temple Bog" on the worldmap.

Once in the garden, expending an insignia, take the time to save in case something happens along the way. Now to find the Hypnagogic. He is somewhat hidden away in the garden, a few tiers down to the south-west (410x280). When you locate him - Hypnagogic Urga-Xum Roch - show him the complete blueprint you showed Eckel Roch, and you will complete the earlier quest as well as receive the next step.

Take the time to explore the chat options here, as Urga-Xum will explain somewhat how pocketbosses work. The quest given to you by Urga-Xum revolves around creating the very tool to summon the Empath. First step here is crystallize the pattern, something you don't necessarily have to do yourself. Read up on Pocketbosses if you are uncertain.

The process of combining a Crystal Filled by the Source with this specific pattern requires 337 Nanoprogramming. If you do not have this yourself, you can ask someone to do it for you.

The crystal in question can be most easily gotten from your local Meta-Phycisist.

The next step is to finnish the pocketboss, by combining the Notum Crystal with Etched "Weary Empath Min-Ju Liu" with a piece of Novictum in it's subdued form. you are required to complete this step yourself as this is the very quest at hand. You can not get someone else to finnish the pocketboss! The quest part will complete when you do this yourself. If you have someone else do it, it won't register and you need to acquire a new pattern, crystal and novictum. Be sure you get this right. Combining the finished pocketboss requires around 160-165 Quantum Field Physics - grab a general +20 buff and you will probably have this already at around level 100.

Novictum drops most often from spirit mobs, in it's active form. Big blocks of nasty novitctum that has to be subdued before you can work it into the crystal. Whether you find, buy or otherwise acquire a piece of novictum, it has to be subdued before you can use it, by applying an Ancient Novictum Refiner to it. This tool isn't the easiest to come across, but ask your friends - someone might have one you can borrow for this.

  + =   Notum Crystal with Etched 'Weary Empath Min-Ju Liu'
337 Nanoprogramming
- Someone can do this for you.

  + =   Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'Weary Empath Min-Ju Liu'
160-165 Field Quantum Physics
- You have to do this step yourself

As you finnish the final crystal to summon the Empath, the quest part will complete and you will receive a new mission. Now you have to spawn and kill the Empath like you would any normal pocketboss. There is an Incarnator level 160 north of Roch's Keep that works, reach it either by exiting to Temple Bog and running north, or exit to Marble Orchards and head south.

  Again, read up on Pocketbosses so you know how this works. The Empath is level 140 and quite the hitter, as well as the usual absurd health common with bosses. You will not be doing this part alone at level 100.

Bring some friends, a bonfire, some sausages and marsh mellows and you're set to finnish the job. From the corpse of the Empath, be sure to pick up the Old piece of cloth sparkling with notum!

This is the quest item you need to return to the Hypnagogic in order to finnish the garden quest and receive your key.

Make your way back to the garden (expending the one insignia we had lying around before we started - that or find some critters that can send you back to the garden faster than you can say "look, a spider") and find Hypnagogic Urga-Xum Roch again. He will ask you for any evidence, of which the Cloth will suffice. Tell him about your encounter with the Empath. The Hypnagogic will also ask you if the Empath mentioned something strange, and the answer to this is "Miller".

NOTE: This appears to be just more of the inconsistence and confusing manner in which this quest currently works. Let's say the garden gnomes told us about Miller and leave it at that.

You will be give the option to continue exploring the Empath and Miller, but once you have the key in your inventory, kindly decline. Otherwise you will start directly doing the Sanctuary Quest - more Empath Madness for another rainy day.

  The Key to the Garden of Roch
This is the key to the garden of Roch. To use the key you need to pick it up and
click on the Roch statue.

There we go! Full access to the garden of Roch and easier transportation around the hostile environment in Scheol, as well as some new nanoprograms sold by the vendors. The key is also equippable like the others and now adds +6 Treatment and First Aid.

Last updated 17. July 2003

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