Community: Interview - Rompa Entertainment
  The illustrious Rompa Bar opened up a couple of months back and since then has gotten themselves quite a little clientel. This is our way of thanking the people who put down energy and effort over at Rompa Bar, the Rompa Entertainment is here to stay.      

  IC Interview (In Character Interview)

As Rompa Entertainment is a roleplaying organization and the whole point behind it the social parts in Anarchy Online, we decided to conduct an In Character interview with the owner, Whaynn and one of the waitresses employed there. Further down you can also find the OOC Interview (Out of Character Interview) where we look a little at roleplaying and what Whaynn and Unole thinks of it.

Tell us a little about yourself and who you are?

IC Whaynn:
Name's Wayne Harbinguer, Director of Rompa Entertainment. I was raised in the southern part of Omni-Prime and traveled to Rubi-ka just a few months ago in search of fresh new business. And, well, I've found my business here on Rubi-ka... and it's been prospering beyond expectations! Rompa Entertainment has been operating at the Rompa Bar for about... two months I believe... almost three.

IC Unole: I am a member of the wait staff. I wait tables and do my best to make others feel welcome. I like my job - Mr. Whaynn is a kind man and a good mentor. I'm pleased to work for him. Mr. Whaynn asked me if I would like to work here, and I said yes. It's good to have purpose. I enjoy the people, and leets.

  If you don't mind telling us.. how did you manage to squeeze it from the previous owners? A place like this, they must've been reluctant to let go?

IC Whaynn: I did not have any problems with previous owners, truth be told. The fact is that the bar was being completely and utterly abandoned. I filed for a lease on the bar, and am still waiting for the official papers to arrive, but I do not expect any problems with that matter.
Unole and Whaynn

So, tell us about the Rompa! Who works here, what do they do - how is the pay, and so on?

IC Whaynn: Rompa is a fully-furnished establishment in the East side of Omni-1's Entertainment District. We have 8 booths used for seating our customers. The booths are made of state-of-the-art nano-enhanced Carbonum Steel and lined with the finest Bronto hide this side of Rubi-ka. I seek dedicated employees, like Unole here. We hire waiters and waitresses, janitors, guards, DJ's, and dancers for the bar. I believe we are the only Bar on Rubi-ka with any kind of service like this, at the moment.

IC Unole: Oh, dear. There's been some controversy over the waitstaff wages. You see, the wait staff works for tips, we don't actually get a "wage" to speak of. But the pay is good in spite! I've never made less than 500.000 credits per week, Sometimes I make much more in a single night.

IC Whaynn: Our employees earn generous wages... the wait staff can earn up to 10 million credits a week at times. So we do have quite a lot of income for the bar. Our customers can be quite generous. The majority of our staff is currently composed of our wait staff and security department.

I'm glad to hear it is going well, but surely you must have had some setbacks? Can you tell us about any of them?

IC Nepentheia: Heeey btw... whats up with the girlleet's room being 75% gas?

IC Whaynn: Err... First, let's see the setbacks.. Staff and customer presence fluctuates a lot. One can never say exactly when our peak times are, because they are so random. The staff is not always available, even though we're recruiting rapidly and effectively, and sometimes customers may find themselves without service, albeit rarely.

About the suppression gas... We have had some problems with the women's bathroom from the time we moved in. The bathroom needs some serious refurbishing, and there's a suppresion gas leak, flickering light bults, broken tiles and the like. Regardless of this, our Janitorial staff keeps the bathrooms spick-and-spam 24/7.

"Pet me or suff3r!"

IC Nepentheia: What type of consistent, weekly entertainment are you offering up for folks, so they know that there's always at least 1 time during a week they can come here and lots of other folks are here too? Even just once a week is fantastic.. as long as folks know when they can show up and there are always other folks around.
Nepentheia realizes she isnt the interviewer...but being a leet she can be nosey and ask anyways, especially since Twicer for the moment drunk himself under the table. As usual.

IC Whaynn:
I am working on employing a few DJ's to throw a party every week, but other than that, entertainment at the bar is not always consistent. Then again, Unole is always at the bar at around 7:00pm EST. I have pondered a contract with GSP, but there is nothing official as of yet. I may schedule parties with them once in a while, but I must do so just like any other group seeking to hire GSP's services.

Finally, Why would people come here? In a few short phrases, why should people visit Rompa?

IC Whaynn: Well, I can sum it up in our slogan... The Rompa Bar: It's all about the Booty!

IC Unole: Much cleaner than hunting. And yes, definately leet friendly.
Unole grins at the leet.

  OOC Interview (Out of Character Interview)

We decided to take a glance at behind the scenes of Rompa Entertainment as well. Roleplaying has had to fight upstreams at times and it tends to get stamped into not-so-glorious categories at times, so we decided to take a better look at inside the machine and see what Whaynn and Unole thinks about the phenomenon.

First off - did you expect it to be any different than it is? Does it meet your expectations?

OOC Whaynn: I expected a lot more trouble really. Rompa's always been the ent orgs' battlefield and when we started out, Xtronica was still alive. They argued with us for like a weeks' worth of time then they just died off. I didn't expect the huge help i've gotten from everyone either.

As soon as I started this everyone suddenly began offering their help, financial as well as alt-wise for employees, my reason for starting RE was to just keep the place alive. Called it Rompa Ent to not label it as a separate entertainment org. We're an org meant for rompa, and we'll stay here, you won't see us bar-hopping all over the place.

What made you decide to start roleplaying here? I mean, you could've picked Baboons, or just roleplayed in "general" ?

OOC Whaynn: Bleh, Rompa's bettuh in every way. Everyone loves rompa more than any other bar or club.... I know at least I do! You can have parties here, or just relax. I've been thinking about using Baboons for big parties because of the GS system.

What do you think the AO roleplaying base is like, at the moment? how many are there, what are they like, etc?

OOC Unole: I actually have no idea what the player base is. The players I have most contact with are very into roleplaying. I like it. I actually prefer the RP to general click'n'kill. That's what draws me to AO. I'm pretty socially oriented, so I'd like to see a lot of things happen.

Let me ask you - what is the most common misconception of you, or the Rompa Ent guild as such? (or what do you think would be the most common one).

OOC Whaynn: The most common? Some people may think we're just a stripper org with table dancers. We don't even allow strippers! Keep it clean, more good quality customers. I've recently started to hire "dancers" but they'll be the same as Vixen Entertainment's choreographed dancers, for floor shows in uniforms and the like.

OOC Unole: Well, once I was told that Rompa is Norwegian for... um...

"Ass" yes, it is. Actually more like "Buttocks".

OOC Unole: So I guess you can figure out what the misconception there is. As for the most common misconception about me, my character that is... Well, she is a Slave, free or not, and I have to keep reminding people that I'm not a love pet.

Have you had any trouble from that?

OOC Unole: Just a little. I'm kind of grown up, you know, and I can really use the ignore command good. Unole laughs.
OOC Unole: Actually, it hasn't come to that.

OOC Whaynn: Only at the very beginning, but pretty much everyone had it clear we were keeping it like this after a bit .

What sort of people come here? Do you most often get roleplayers or just people that need a break?

OOC Whaynn: I get all kinds of people here, actually - everything from the curious n00b to the hardcore rolepalyer, from the power player to the psychopathic leet. Whaynn winks at Nepentheia.

OOC Whaynn: Rompa Entertainment's a roleplaying-enforced org though, so regardless of who comes in, we try and stay in-character.

  At the end of the day...

... if you're really pooped after a long day of shagging hecklers, we can heartily recommend Rompa. You don't need to be a hardcore roleplayer to be there, all you need is to bring a good sense of humor and a positive outlook, and you'll have great fun with the people in here, and if you don't - come again another day instead!