Game Tech
  Nifty ways of helping you play - through using game features like scripting, helpfiles, references. Here you will find articles on how to pick apart the game and make things easier on yourself.      
Last updated 31.01.04
Learn how to do your own voicepacks inside Anarchy Online - we'll guide you through what you'll need to do.
Scripting, Basic
Last updated 26.08.02
Learn how to create simple scripts and macroes to use in-game for automation of certain commands you use often.
Scripting, Advanced
Last updated 26.08.02
Build on the basic scripts guide and learn how to incorporate variables into your scripts for even faster execution.

Power Macros
Last updated 10.03.03
Want to learn how to make and use those targeting macros and then some? If so, we have the low-down.
Last updated 29.01.03
Make your own customized visual options-scripts without ever needing to pressing the F10 button.
Custom Helpfiles
Last updated 26.08.02
Make your own in-game helpfiles, just like Funcom did with the new help-system. They can be anything you want them to be.