Trade & Economy
  Wether trade between players or accessing the multiple shops around the planet, this section deals around everything trade and economy. Finding the right shop, getting the things you need, and navigating the quick and fluctuating open markets on Rubi-Ka.      
Thin Bernice
Last updated 24.03.03
Get your tankarmors here! Fresh Tank Armors! Bernice has set up shop in the desolate wastes of Perpetual Wastelands.
Zoftig Blimp
Last updated 12.12.02
It's not about how well you do it, it's about how cool you look while doing it. Meet Blimp, seller of cool stuff like shades & hats
The Melee Smith
Last updated 30.11.02
A lone smith out in nowhere peddling his specially crafted specialized melee weapons. A must visit for Enforcers and Adventurers.
The Fixer Shop
Last updated 31.08.02
A rather hidden and seclusive place where Fixers and Agents put in orders for a few not-so-mainstream gadgets.
The Trader Shops
Last updated 22.11.02
A shop specially for Traders, with a few unique weapons, and a higher turn-back on wares traded over normal shops.