There's just so many things to see and experience in AO that we have dedicated a whole section to it. Travel-guides, special locations, NPC's, areas of interest, cities and the likes.      
Bar & Club guide - Fear and loathing on Rubi-Ka
Last Updated 06.09.02 with Reet Retreat
The ultimate bar and club guide to Rubi-Ka with location and reviews on all the little things the nightlife has to offer. Also a work-in-progress list of bars and clubs not in buisiness yet, but might show what is coming. Clicking this will take you to a submenu.
Landmarks - Exotic & Interesting places
Last Updated 13.06.03 with Medusa Outpost and Versailles Towers
Landmarks is a large collection of sights on Rubi-Ka we want you to see. Strange faces in the desert, majestic trees, mysterious temples and anything out of the ordinary your travels shouldn't be without. Clicking this will take you to a submenu of the landmarks.
The People of Rubi-Ka
Last Updated 08.11.02 with Red and Ron McBain
They can be found almost everywhere - the inhabitants of this conflict-wrought world - and most of them have a little story to tell. Follow as we travel the planet and talks to the various NPC inhabitants. This will take you to a submenu where you can choose fom NPC's.