About Anarchy Arcanum
  Anarchy Arcanum's mission is to document and report on all the various aspects of Anarchy Online that might otherwise be unknown to the playerbase. Gameplay, Concepts, Guides, Tutorials, Articles, and hopefully a good dose of fun.     Over 8.000.000 pages served since September 2002 (and as of December 2003, not counting anymore)
  Anarchy Arcanum was concieved and started by by two long time players that started playing in the first few months of AO's rather lacking launch. Through ups and downs, on and offs, and countless patches, Anarchy Online is just about coming through. We were both struck by a sneaking feeling that things started to look "complete". The feeling that AO was on the brink of realizing and building on it's potential, and that things could hopefully only improve from here.

Thus Anarchy Arcanum is our attempt to bring something back to the game we love.

November/Desember 2003 we also ran into major trouble with our old webhost as Arcanum reached a point where it simply had too many visitors and used up more bandwidth than was feasible. Through a troublesome search for a stable provider that could shoulder this traffic, we ran into DataGuard, a large ISP based in Norway, and knew instantly we had found our home for the future. As a superb provider, DataGuard now hosts Anarchy Arcanum in it's entirety - as their own contribution to the AO community - for which we are eternally grateful for.


Arcanum is currently running on a crude html 4.0 -only solution, but will most likely improve as the site expands. The site currently requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, or Netscape 6.0 or above, in a 800x600 resolution. The site also makes use of inline frames, so if your browser does not support these, we're sorry.